Reviews Of The Rolex Replica Magic Datejust II 41 116333

Hi everyone, this is Justin from, and today we're looking at the new Rolex Datejust II with two tone rose gold and steel, 41mm with ivory dials. This is the reference model, number 116333. okay, I'll let you know that we'll be unboxing it. We will take a closer look at the case, the bracelet and the clasp. I will show you the watch on your wrist and show you where you can find it at the lowest price. Okay, so I'm going to purchase this watch brand new, of course, in the newer Star Rolex box, which is a little bit smaller than the old Rolex box. At the top, you can put a small pocket here with the information booklet and the warranty card with the serial number, the model number and the date of purchase. You'll find these in the box here. Well, let's keep looking.

116333 Rolex Datejust II Mens Grey Roman Numeral Dial

Rolex Replica Magic Datejust II 41

This watch is everyone's modern Rolex Datejust case with a diameter of 41 mm. This is the largest Datejust Rolex offers. it is roughly the same size as many Rolex sports replica magic watches. Rolex introduced this watch in 2009 as a new line of 41mm Datejust replica magic watches. Many of Rolex's competitors have come out with some really popular larger sized watches and Rolex understands that a larger watch market exists. Quite frankly, these days people are getting bigger and need a watch that looks good on the wrist. As such, the Rolex Datejust II and Rolex Deepsea 44mm watches seem to be the replica magic watches that many people are looking at right now. As an everyday wear watch, this watch is perfect for the dressy or semi-casual person.


As you can see, the Rolex replica magic Datejust II 41 is not hemispherical. It's flat and fits nicely under the cuff, which would work well if it were to be worn. Like I said, this watch is made of two tone gold and stainless steel. It's on an oyster bracelet and has a very nice ivory dial. And you'll notice the bezel is also 18 carats of yellow gold. As you can see, if I tilt it just a little bit from side to side, it's fluted. It has a very nice shine to it. And to balance the look of the watch. As you can see, this is the balanced 18-inch yellow gold comparison watch. The white dial is again very, very nice. It looks really beautiful, and then you're driving around with the sun shining nicely, like driving around with a disco show on top of the car, on top of the car.

Dial And Movement

As we can see, the date window is located at the 3:00 position below the Cyclops lens, which is somewhat humped at the top of the crystal itself. As you can see, the hour markers, the hour markers and our minute hand all glow, as shown in white. They will glow in the dark for up to eight hours, and the hour markers are also outlined in 18-inserted gold. Thus, there is a nice contrast between the ivory, the ivory color and the very nice gold color. On top of that, it actually makes it easier and easier to read. The bezel does flash when it's exposed to sunlight. Okay, so on the back of the case, it's a very simple oyster case with notches at the edges, as you can see. The movement that carries this watch is caliber 3136 with a date function, Parachrom hairspring, shock absorber and a 48-hour power reserve. Okay, let's move on.


As you can see, this is a very, very nice bracelet. It's a heavy oyster bracelet with a very, very nice 18-insert gold mirror polish in the center or, as you can see, a high polish effect, very reflective and very shiny. The outside of the links have a satin finish that looks like brushed steel, in contrast to the high polish of the 18 carat. This is very nice. Tighten the clasp and let's move on. As you can see here, the clasp is very simple. It only takes one pull. The bite, the bite is very easy. Perfect for everyday wear. It has the Rolex name engraved on the clasp itself, and it comes with an easy link feature. So let's just say it's a very hot day and your wrist will be slightly open and you can actually adjust the bracelet back 5 mm (four to five millimeters). All you need to do is just pop it right there. Just push forward. Five millimeters in hot weather. You can pull it outward by five millimeters. All right, let's go ahead and put it on my body and tell you all about this watch that's on my wrist. Wow, that's a very nice watch and the gold does work very, very well with the ivory. Another advantage of this feature is that because the bracelet is a heavy bracelet, the middle links are filled so that as it is worn longer, the bracelet does not stretch out over time. Thus, very neat and very durable.


If you want the latest update on one of the best selling models Rolex has to offer, then this is a great choice. We hope you enjoyed this video and if you are interested in viewing more replica magic watches or other models, you can visit our website at We offer the lowest price guarantee. We offer free shipping and a one year warranty. If you enjoyed the video, please like, comment and subscribe below. We have a lot more to show you. Thanks for tuning in. I'm Justin from replicamagic3.

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