Rolex Submariner Fake Watches For Men

What's up, guys? I'm Justin and you're watching He Spoke Style and today, I'm showing you three different ways to design the Rolex Submariner. before we get to the clothing, we'll briefly introduce the Submariner itself. Now what can you say about the Sub? It's classic. It's iconic. It's one of the coolest fake watches ever made. I mean, you've seen them on everyone from Sean Connery To Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Fidel Castro. It's a very popular watch, but its popularity hasn't taken anything away from the Rolex Submariner. Let's talk quickly about the history.

114060 Rolex Submariner Mens Automatic

The History Of The Rolex Submariner Fake Watches

Launched in 1953 thanks to the challenge of creating functional dive fake watches, this dive watch can work on the water or be used with a regular dress or evening gown. One of the things that makes the Submariner so iconic is that its design hasn't changed much over time. These are tool fake watches with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The original reference was the 6204 and 6205. the reference that James Bond made famous on screen in 1962 was the 6538. after that, the 5512 became the place where fake watches design were really standardized. Then in 1969 you see the date window for the first time with reference number 1680. now this was a turning point and where the Submariner really started to gain traction in the mass market. After that, you start to see many different flavors, such as all gold, two shades, different bezel colors, not just the classic steel version with a black dial and bezel. The watch I will be styling in this video is the Reference 14060.

Three Styles To Match

The 40mm case size, which I think is much smaller to wear than the more modern 114060. Drilled lugs. No date window. Super classic. Very versatile. Now, you can style the Rolex Submariner fake in a number of different ways, but for this video, I'm only going to show you three outfits. But they do go all the way from dressy to casual. First, we have a business look. Now, one of the most common questions about the Submariner is can I wear it with a suit? Obviously, for me, the answer is yes. Now, because it's a sports watch, it doesn't work in all situations. For example, I would not wear it to a fine dinner party or any other type of sophisticated dinner party. Definitely don't wear it in a tuxedo.

But for everyday work and the right suit, I think it does work. Here, I wore it over a navy bracelet with a navy captain's navy suit, a white French cuff shirt, a brown patterned tie and a pair of monk strappy shoes. Because of the texture of the fabric, I think it works very well with the Hopsack. Even if you wear it in a tie, it has a more casual vibe. Because the Rolex Submariner fake design is so simple and minimalist, I don't think it draws attention to itself or fundamentally compromises the outfit. The next outfit is just a simple, casual business casual or sharp casual outfit. Brown cotton blazer, denim shirt, khaki cotton pants, and some suede lacing. Now, one of the things that can really make a Sub more versatile is if you switch out the bracelet for a different strap of some type.

As you can see here, I put it on a brown leather strap. Changing straps is a great way to make any watch look different and add to its versatility in an exponential way. I like the Sub on the brown leather strap. i think it really helps it go with such a look. I think the strap softens the watch somewhat and makes it part of the outfit rather than standing out like a metal strap would. Finally, we have the super casual look. A simple black leather bomber, black sweatshirt, my black Levi's 511s and Common Projects sneakers. This look is casual, a little edgy and sturdy, so I swapped out the leather strap from the last look for a grey NATO strap. NATO straps are great for laid-back casual wear. They come in many different colors. The best part is that they are relatively inexpensive, so it's easy to swing some around to change into different outfits. There you have it! Three styles of Rolex Submariner fake. As a reminder, you can find all the details and links to everything I used in the description below in the online watch store. Leave your comments below and let me know which costume you like best.

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