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Worthington is supporting life science research and? discovery, and we have done so for over 70 years with an emphasis on biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and neuroscience applications.? Dedicated to a new generation of researchers, we author technical manuals and guides both in print?and digital formats. And, our products are cited in thousands of respected scientific journals across the globe. For additional up-to-the-minute citations either go to our product pages at or see our new comprehensive listings at: and search for Worthington Biochemical /Article Snippets. We offer a Collagenase Sampling Program and Lot Selection Tool available on our website which is designed to help researchers select and evaluate current collagenase lots that match previous lots or desired activity profiles. Our dedicated team welcomes inquiries for contract and custom manufacturing, custom analysis, and special packaging for OEM applications.
Worthington Collagenases, Trypsins, Papain, Elastase and other Proteases, Modified SequENZTM Trypsin and Endo-Glu-C for proteomics and kits for Hepatocyte, Cardiomyocyte & Neural Cell Isolation. Recombinant RNAse-Free DNAse, DNAse-Free RNAse, Eā€¢RASETM RNAse A/T1 Blend, S1 & Nucleases and other enzymes. Several animal origin free (AOF) enzymes including AOF Collagenase, rDNase I, Neutral Protease (dispase) and RNase T1 are also now available with others pending development by Worthington as an alternative to animal sourced products, thereby eliminating TSE/BSE and mammalian viral contaminant risks. We welcome the opportunity to discuss specific requirements and collaborative development projects.

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