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Analytik Jena is a leading provider of high-end analytical measuring technology, instruments and products in the fields of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics, high quality liquid handling and automation technologies. Our portfolio includes traditional analytical technology specifically to measure concentrations of elements and molecules as well as systems for bioanalytical applications in the Life Science area spanning the complex analytic cycle of a sample from sample preparation to detection. Another part of our extensive portfolio are our automated high-throughput screening systems for the pharmaceutical sector.


Life Science

Life Science imaging products range from affordable gel imaging systems, to high specification chemiluminescent imagers, with cooled CCD cameras, automation and high performance capabilities. Analytik Jena also specializes in small animal, in vivo systems for detection of fluorescent and bioluminescent markers.



Thermal Cyclers

Analytik Jena PCR thermal cyclers and qPCR real-time thermal cyclers offer a range of high-quality models to meet individual user needs. Our Biometra thermal cyclers use RAC (ramping – accuracy - control) temperature control system to achieve Fast Ramping, Best accuracy, and Block control. Analytik Jena’s qTOWER3 (available in 96 well and 364 well) is perfect for speed and precision in high throughput qPCR. The qTOWER3 has world leading quality guaranteed with a 10-year optical system warranty; 3-year warranty on the remainder of the system and no periodic maintenance or calibration required.



Liquid Handling

Analytik Jena is a provider of high quality liquid handling technologies with a reputation for both precision and reliability. The product portfolio ranges from dispenser’s to automated simultaneous pipettors all the way to robotic systems tailored to the clients' application, throughput and capacity requirements.



Analytical Instruments

Analytik Jena’s analytical instrumentation products are held to the highest standards of quality. We aim to provide the most comfortable to use and reliable instruments for diverse analytical tasks. The use of selected, certified components guarantees the absolute precision and outstanding analytical performance, the robustness and durability of Analytik Jena solutions. We are the only company that grants a long-term warranty of 10 years for the high-performance optics used in our systems.


Nucleic Acid Isolation

Analytik Jena offers a wide range of purification and isolation kits for nucleic acids, all made in Germany. These kits range from manual to automated solutions for DNA/RNA extraction of most starting materials.


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