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PRO Scientific

99 Willenbrock Road
Oxford, CT 06478 United States
Phone: 203-267-4600
Fax: 203-267-4606
Toll Free: 800-584-3776

PRO Scientific manufacturers hand-held or post-mounted homogenizers to process various volumes from 0.03ml to over 40L at top speeds of 30,000 rpm. Our sealed homogenizing systems provide users safe non-aerosoling homogenization and the Multi-Gen 7, is a 316 stainless steel multi generator pack, an alternative to disposable homogenizing. The Lab Plus Series line features vortex mixers, nutating mixers, orbital shakers and rockers. PRO distributes Hettich benchtop to floor-model centrifuges.

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PRO Scientific Inc. is the lead manufacturer of Hand-held and Digital benchtop homogenizers with processing volume ranges of 0.03ml – 30L as well as Programmable benchtop homogenizer lines with computer interface capabilities.

PRO200 -The most lightweight, versatile, high-torque homogenizer

PRO250 -576 watts of high-power homogenization in a compact handheld unit

“D” Series Homogenizer -Compact benchtop unit speeds through homogenizing tasks with smooth, digital speed control and plenty of power

“PC” Programmable Homogenizer –Programmable laboratory and industrial homogenizers

Multi-Gen 7XL - Alternative Disposable homogenizer, designed so you can now effectively process tougher, bigger samples without worrying about cross-contamination.

Simplify your sample prep with the revolutionary DPS-20, an automated dual processing mechanical and ultrasonic homogenizing system.

The Lab Plus Series line features;

Vortex Mixers – Compact design, minimal vibration, vigorous vortexing

Nutating Mixers – Combines the motions of a rockers and an orbital shaker to produce a three-dimensional agitation

Programmable Orbital Shakers – Smooth uniform motion both mixes and vortexes, programmable controls for easy entry and recall of programs

Rockers - Provides a rhythmic side-to-side motion and variable speed control for gentle to vigorous movement

Hotplate Stirrers – Ceramic or aluminum top plate materials, sophisticated controls and accurate, repeatable results

Since 1994, PRO has been the largest North American distributor and service center of Hettich centrifuges.