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Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) manufactures top-of-the-line products for sub-micron motion control and microscope automation including closed-loop DC servo motor XY stages, piezo-Z stages, motorized Z drives, wellplate robots, video and laser-based focusing systems, video microscopes, high-speed filterwheels, shuttering devices, microinjectors and micromanipulators, plus a wide range of other devices. ASI also specializes in OEM components, custom projects, and complete system solutions.

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Dual Inverted Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (diSPIM):
An extremely cell-friendly method for imaging live specimens as it only illuminates the region of the sample that is being captured and minimizes phototoxicity and photobleaching by ~7-10 fold. Objectives, lasers, and cameras are required to complete the system; ASI provides these items.

Oblique Single Plane Illumination Microscope (oSPIM):
An excellent platform for light sheet imaging of samples in standard culture dishes. The light sheet is generated using the inverted microscope and imaged from above using a tilted water dipping objective with NA as high as 1.1 (<300 nm transverse resolution); also available for conventional imaging modalities.

LS-Series Linear Stages:
Provides sub-micron accuracy, deriving their precise control by using closed-loop DC servomotors and employing high-resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback. An optional linear encoder can be added to provide greater positioning accuracy. They utilize crossed-roller slides, precision lead-screws, and zero- backlash miniature geared DC servomotors for smooth and accurate motion.

Continuous Reflective Interface Sample Placement (CRISP ):
Eliminates focus drift in high-power microscopy applications by sensing minute changes between the objective lens and the specimen’s cover slip allowing a specimen to remain accurately focused for hours at a time with an accuracy of 5% of the objective depth of focus and maintaining focus while scanning in XY.

Rapid Automated Modular Microscope (RAMM) System:
Design for rapid automation development. It can be used with our MS-2000 Stages, FW-1000 Filterwheels, and custom microscopes built using ASI’s Modular Infinity Microscope configurations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your microscopy needs.

Modular Infinity Microscope (MIM):
Automated high-speed XY stages, precision piezo and motorized Z focusing. The solid platform is excellent for super Resolution microscopy, SI, PALM, high throughput screening, and experimental research. It is designed for flexible, cost-effective OEM development using high MTBF components. Auto-focus, focus stabilization, tracker, and robotic specimen loader.

FW-1000 16 Position Filter Wheel:
Utilizing a closed-loop DC servomotor to provide high speed and low vibration operation (less than 3 x 10-4 kg-m2/s maximum vibration torque impulse). It employs a high-resolution rotary encoder for positional feedback and utilizes non-volatile flash memory to store programmable filter sequences and delays. Great for many fluorescence microscopy applications.

Fiber-Coupled Laser Scanner:
A compact and versatile 2D galvo unit designed for generating SPIM light sheets. A user-provided light beam enters the scanner on a standard fiber optic connecter. The beam is steered in the sample plane using an electronically-controlled galvo comprising an integrated two-axis MEMS mirror, providing rapid response and negligible vibration.

PZ-2000 FT:
The perfect solution for your super resolution microscopy applications. The stage is capable of XY resolutions down to the 10-20 nm range and Z resolutions to the 1nm range. It is also capable for use with rapid z-sectioning and autofocus systems.

Specifically designed for manufacturers to be configurable and easily integrated into their systems. The OE-1250 Stage has custom mounting options, flat top designed with multiple configurations, higher load capacity, precise motion, and high repeatability. The OE- 1250 provides controlled linear motion alignment, orthogonal movement and lower driving friction.