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QImaging Company Overview

QImaging designs and manufactures user-friendly CCD, EMCCD and scientific CMOS cameras for a vast variety of life science, machine vision and OEM applications. QImaging is known around the globe for delivering affordable, feature-rich, digital imaging solutions that provide outstanding versatility, ease of use and reliability. Designed to support a wide variety of scientific experiments, researchers gain the outstanding ability to perform quantitative image analysis and acquire high-resolution images for publication.

The OEM camera division of QImaging provides a dedicated team with access to all the resources required to help customers achieve excellence in their OEM product vision. Offering ultimate performance at an affordable price, this division presents board level cameras, compact size and application versatility. QImaging consistently delivers OEM products that are innovative, easy to integrate, cost-effective and on time. Founded in 1999, QImaging headquartered in Surrey, Canada and is a registered ISO certified company.

19535 56th Avenue, Suite 101
Surrey, BC
Canada V3S 6K3

Tel: +1 604.530.5800
Fax: +1 604-648-8277

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QImaging Retiga ELECTRO™ CCD Camera

This cooled 1.4MP camera was specifically designed for the unique challenges of electrophysiology with its fanless design for zero vibration.

QImaging Retiga LUMO™ CCD Camera

This 6.0 MP camera was built specifically to meet the unique challenges of bioluminescence imaging.

QImaging Retiga R1™ CCD Camera

USB3.0 functionality and QImaging Ocular imaging software make this a highly capable camera for routine work.

QImaging Retiga R3™ CCD Camera

The perfect balance of speed, pixels and performance with new Intelligent Quantification™ features.

QImaging Retiga R6™ CCD Camera

Fit more within each image to accelerate discovery for time lapse, slide scanning or tile-and-stitch experiments.

QImaging optiMOS™ Scientific CMOS Camera

Optimized for high speed fluorescence microscopy with 100 fps, optiMOS is the sCMOS camera and CCD alternative from QImaging.

QImaging Retiga™ 6000 Snapshot CCD Camera

Offers a large 16 mm Field of View with higher sensitivity and resolution than most standard fluorescence cameras.

QImaging Retiga™ 3000 Snapshot CCD Camera

The budget-friendly alternative to the Retiga 6000, featuring the same high resolution and sensitivity with faster focusing frame rates.

QImaging QIClick™ Digital CCD Camera

Versatile, easy-to-use camera ideal for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, as well as a broad range of other life sciences and industrial applications.

QImaging Rolera BoltVideo Rate CMOS Microscopy Camera

30 fps video rate CMOS camera for IR-DIC and fluorescence documentation applications

QImaging Retiga™ 2000R Digital CCD Camera

This digital camera is for high precision quantitative analysis in low light, brightfield/darkfield/fluorescence imaging in life science and industrial applications.

QImaging Retiga™ 4000R Digital CCD Camera

For high precision quantitative analysis in low light/brightfield/darkfield/fluorescence imaging in life science and industrial applications.

QImaging QICAM Digital Camera

For quantitative analysis in brightfield imaging in life science and industrial applications.

QImaging MicroPublisher Cameras

High Resolution IEEE 1394 FireWire™ Digital CCD Color Cameras with High Speed Real-Time Viewing.

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