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Cell Guidance Systems

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Cell Guidance Systems, established in 2010, is a specialist provider of life science research reagents and services. We develop, manufacture and supply an extensive range of high quality reagents suitable for the most demanding applications, particularly at the interface between protein science and stem cell culture. Cell Guidance Systems stands for innovation, quality, value and service. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality products at a low price, backed by the highest levels of service and integrity.
Cell Guidance Systems has recently launched PODS™ (POlyhedin Delivery System) growth factor proteins. The PODS™ are very stable, but when exposed to proteases slowly break down and release their growth factor cargo. This unique process is able to provide a constant flow of growth factors over weeks and months from a single application. The microcrystal format also means that PODS™ growth factors can be attached to specific locations on surfaces producing localized effects and allowing for modelling tissue and organ development.
Cell Guidance Systems also has a strong focus on exosome research and in the catalogue there is a range of solutions for purification, detection and tracking of exosomes. Exo-spin™ kits for exosome purification are suitable for the preparation of pure, functional exosomes from a variety of biological fluids including cell culture media, urine, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, blood plasma and sera. Exosomes purified using Exo-spin™ can be used for a variety of downstream applications including RNA analysis, protein analysis and functional use. TRIFic™ kits are similar to ELISA assays and can be used for detection of exosomes even from unpurified samples. ExoFLARE™ can be monitored for long periods of time to allow tracking of exosomes movement.
Cell Guidance Systems also provides a wide and affordable range of growth factors, small molecules and matrix proteins, specially tested for stem cell culture.
Karyotyping, AGH and custom media services are also available. Our services are performed by qualified specialists in order to provide you with high quality data and standards.
We are always looking forward for new technologies to help researchers staying ahead in science.
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