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Roboz Surgical Instrument Co. Inc.

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For over 60 years, Roboz Surgical Instrument Company has been providing researchers with the highest quality European-made surgical instruments. Our surgical instrument catalog features over 900 products, ranging from the finest-tipped Vannas spring scissors and #5 Dumont tweezers, to Gluck rib shears and heavy duty Hercules scissors, ensuring that we meet all of our customers' surgical instrument needs, regardless of application.

Our selection of fine surgical instruments includes a wide variety of tweezers and forceps, scissors, bone instruments, surgical and vascular clips and clamps, scalpels, retractors, wound closure and vascular access instruments, instrument care and handling products and much more.

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Sentry Ultrasonic Cleaner

Sentry Ultrasonic CleanerEasily and Safely Clean Your Surgical Instruments
The Sentry Ultrasonic Cleaner is a high-efficiency cleaner specifically developed to clean surgical instruments. It featured a high-capacity elongated tank, an optional heat setting, quiet operation, and a small footprint. Click here to learn more

Micro Dissecting Needles And Insect Pins

New Selection of Magnifying LoupesSharp Point Tungsten Needles, Strong Point Micro Dissecting Needles, Insect Pins And Minutiens
Needles and pins with fine tips can be used when standard dissecting needles are not fine enough for dissections of animals or plants. Various sizes are available from 1 micron tips and 0.1 mm rods. These needles and pins can be held by fine pin holders. Click here to see our full selection.

New Dumont™ Forceps

New .5mm Brain and Heart MatricesNewest additions to our selection of Dumont Forceps
In our continued effort to provide our customers with the largest variety of surgical instruments, we have added new styles of our popular Swiss-made Dumont forceps. We are proud to announce that Dumont’s Vessel Cannulation Forceps, Vessel Dilation Forceps, Super Fine #5s, Corneal Forceps, Ceramic Coated Forceps, Extra Long #5s, and Mini #3s are now available. As with all of our Dumont forceps, these instruments are hand crafted in Switzerland by the world’s number one manufacturer of precision tweezers and forceps, continuing the same tradition of Swiss quality manufacturing they have been know for since 1881. Click here to learn more

Magnifying Loupes

New Selection of Magnifying LoupesNEW!
Check out our new selection of Magnifying Loupes
We do a better job when we can clearly see the details of the task at hand. Unfortunately, when working with small objects we tend to bend over in unnatural positions for extended periods of time. This can result in eye strain and back pain that can have long-term, detrimental consequences to our overall health and well-being. Using surgical loupes quickly improves vision and corrects poor posture. Click here to learn more

.5mm Brain Matrices

New .5mm Brain and Heart Matrices.5mm Stainless Steel Brain and Heart Matrices
We pushed technology to the limit to offer the possibility to dissect really thin slices. State-of-the-art manufacturing ensures that Alto 0.5mm* brain blocks have the narrowest channels separated by the finest walls on the market to enable you to cut up your sample into really fine slices. Click here to learn more

Left Handed Surgical Instruments

New .5mm Brain and Heart MatricesOur Selection of Left Handed Surgical Instruments
In our continued effort to provide every customer with the perfect set of surgical instruments and to ensure that no one gets left without the right tool, we carry a selection of left-handed instruments. We have reduced the prices on the following selection of commonly used left handed instruments so that our left handed customers can try them out and see what a difference the right tool can make. Click here to learn more