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Braintree Scientific Inc.

PO Box 850498
Braintree, MA 02185 United States
Phone: 781-348-0768
Fax: 978-244-8917

Braintree Scientific, Inc. provides research equipment and support for medical researchers. We are proud to be able to celebrate over 36 years servicing the needs of the Life Science Industry. We will continue to respond to the demands for new technologies and do our best to provide the products to assist you. We are committed to ensuring our products are of the highest quality and our service and prices second to none.

Back in Print.....A Color Atlas of Sectional Anatomy of the Rat If you like A Color Atlas of Sectional Anatomy of the Mouse you must have this one. Exciting New Products........ Mouse Ox World's first and only Pulse Oximeter for Mice & Rats MicroSurgical Instrument Kit for Small Animal Surgery BTing™ Catheters for Rodent Vascular Applications Thermo Controlled Surgery Platform Hum Bug 50/60 Hz Noise Eliminator Eliminate 50/60 Hz noise and harmonics without filtering Out of Print Again....... Manual of Microsurgery on the Laboratory Rat Few Copies Available By: J.J. van Dongen, R. Remie, J.W. Rensema and G.H.J. van Wunnik

Be sure to check out: Small Rodent Infrared Thermometer, Blood Pressure Measurement, Small Animal Anesthesia Line, Koken Rat Model, Tail Vein Catheter, Prepared Micro Tubes, Blood Collection, Diagnostic Set, Alzet Pumps, Infrared Thermometers, Clippers, Rodent Workstation & Intubation Packs, Rodent Identification, Mixers, Shakers, Rockers, UV Transilluminators, Gel Systems, Incubators & Water Baths, Digital Dry Baths, Centrifuge, Metabolic Cages & Stands, Irradiator Disk, Surgical Spears, Disposable Scalpels, InVivo Perfusion System, Temperature Monitor, Controller, Measurement, MicroVent1, ThermoCare Intensive Care Systems, Mouse Catheters, Swivels, Tethers, Collars

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